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To guarantee the quality of their Electrical Estimating Outsourcing Services, Adan Estimation only employs the most qualified and seasoned electrical experts. Successfully bidding on a lucrative project can help your company grow to new heights.

Have you analyzed your bid due dates and found them to be too restrictive? We've got your back. You require our one-of-a-kind estimation skills for your project. Electrical Estimating Outsourcing is designed to help you submit bids for a wide variety of tasks despite.

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Throughout its history, Adan Estimation has worked with a wide range of contracting firms in North America. Those in the construction industry that use us include general contractors, electrical contractors, engineering, procurement, and construction firms, instrumentation and control firms, and electrical designers, technicians, and wholesalers. We have successfully coordinated Electrical projects of varying sizes and complexities throughout both public and private sectors, including, but not limited to, residential, commercial, institutional, retail, automotive, and industrial buildings.

Electrical Takeoff EXCEL Sheet

  • Material Types, Quantities And Pricing
  • Equipment, Fixtures, Gear Counts

  • Electrical Labor Units And Pricing

  • Material List For Vendor Quotations

  • Analyzed Bid Documents With Inclusion And Exclusions

  • Takeoff Summary Report, Including Total Cost, Overheads, Profit Percentage, Etc.

Expert Electrical Estimators are part of Adan Estimation's team, and they've done estimates of all sizes before. Professional estimating tools, such as Plan Swift, are standard practise for our team. We handle a wide variety of electrical estimating projects, including those involving homes, businesses, factories, low voltage, controls, and power distribution.


We can help you successfully estimate any type, size, and scope of home projects, regardless of whether you own a tiny electrical contractor firm or a reputable major electrical contractor organisation. Adan Estimation has evaluated home electrical projects that cost several million dollars.

Smart homes, multi-use residential, apartments, Eco homes, high-rise residential, mansions, bungalows, town houses, etc. are only a few of the many types of residential electrical projects. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) power and control, electricity distribution, home theatre, solar panels, low voltage system, networking, etc. are just a few of the less common domestic electrical systems.


Using a targeted, highly-valued engineering approach, our Expert can easily manage all varieties of outsourced sophisticated and integrated commercial electrical systems that aid in the creation of creative solutions. They start with little electrical system estimates and progress through major ones for upgrades, retrofits, repairs, and installations of electrical systems in Extensive commercial spaces with budgets in the millions.

Government buildings, military bases, skyscrapers, offices, warehouses, hospitals, movie theatres, and other commercial enterprises are all within the scope of our expertise. In addition, we provide a wide range of commercial electrical systems, such as HVAC wiring and controls, alarms and emergency controls, power generation and distribution, temperature controls, geothermal electric systems, integrated wiring systems, walk-in refrigerators and freezers, communication and networking systems, and so on.


Industrial electrical estimating services from World Estimating cover everything from initial concept to final inspection and maintenance of electrical systems. Industries such as oil and gas, refineries, biofuels, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, metals, mining, water treatment, waste treatment, aerospace, automobiles, papers, polymers, etc. are all included in our industrial electrical project. Lighting and controls, power distribution, substations, conveying systems, instrumentation and controls, PLC systems, temperature sensors and management, industrial automation, solar power, hazard monitoring, tooling robots and assembly, etc. are all part of our extensive range of industrial electrical systems. If you need reliable and accurate results for your industrial Electrical Estimating tasks, you can easily outsource them to us.


Our professional estimator has worked with a wide variety of low voltage contractors in both the public and private sectors, across several industries and settings (e.g., homes, businesses, hospitals, schools, research facilities, airports, etc.). Bidding advice, legal representation, claims support, project management, value engineering, and timetable creation are just some of the many services we offer. Our team is committed to meeting aggressive bidding schedules, staying under strict financial constraints, and accurately estimating all low-voltage project scopes. Customer satisfaction and a solid standing in the market are the results.

Electricity and Control Instrumentation Cost Estimate

We're here to work with you to provide thorough cost breakdowns for instrumentation and control systems and submit competitive bids. Whether you work in industrial instrumentation and control, commercial management, or home automation, our skilled team can successfully complete your project to your satisfaction.

We're here to work with you to provide thorough cost breakdowns for instrumentation and control systems and submit competitive bids. Whether you work in industrial instrumentation and control, commercial management, or home automation, our skilled team can successfully complete your project to your satisfaction.

Electrical Power Distribution Cost Estimate

Adan Estimation has been a leader in the electrical estimating industry for many years, making it a household name among competitors. Our group is cognizant of the fact that the rapid speed of innovation and the requirement for maximum safety, security, and dependability provide significant problems for power distribution contractors, operators, and suppliers.

Overhead distribution, subsurface distribution, smart homes, smart cities, power lines, lamps, etc. are all areas in which our team of experts has been heavily involved in the estimate process.

We strive to provide precise electrical estimates that will set your company's project apart from the competition. The premium estimating techniques we employ for our illustrious clientele ensure a positive outcome for everyone involved. To ensure precise material takeoffs, our team of experts uses cutting-edge electrical estimating software. Our expert estimators have years of expertise deciphering electrical designs and know all the best practices for installing electrical systems. They work hard to give everyone of our valued customers something particularly special. Companies have attested to our efficiency by observing our fast turnaround times for delivering estimates (often between 24 and 48 hours).